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Automated Options Market Making Trader - NY Metro 

Top Notch Quantitative Trading Desk is looking for a strong individual with expertise in the options market making space.  This is an opportunity to build something out from scratch.  Join a team of premier players in the industry to help them build out a state of the art Automated Options Market Making platform.  Looking for an expert in automated electronic options market making space.  Must have at least 3 years of previous amm experience. $250,000 - 500,000


  • Outstanding C/C++ programmer.
  • PhD in a technical field such as physics, math or CS.
  • Automated Options Market Making


Quant Strategist - NY Metro 

Multi-Asset Algorithmic trading group is looking for a quantitative strategist to collaborate with its algorithmic trading team on producing and refining its algorithmic trading strategies.  Expertise in statistical techniques including pattern recognition and machine learning.  Working knowledge of forecasting and data mining techniques.  Programmer in C/C++/STL/FIX.  Experience with high frequency market making, researching order book data.  Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Financial Engineering or a similar discipline.$300,000-750,000


High Frequency Trader- NY Metro 

Top notch group is looking for talented traders within the high frequency trading space.  They are trading multiple assets across many markets.  The ideal person with have their own trading models along with a minimum of one year track record.  This firm can provide cutting edge infrastructure.  Please send your resume in confidence. $250,000-1mm


Seeking Alpha - NYC

Alpha-seeking strategist sought after by under the radar prop trading firm.  Plug and play into the best connectivity and infrastructure on the street.  Must have live track record along with recent and historical PnL.  Ideally you will be flat at the end of the day, but would entertain 1-5 day holding periods.  Will consider all asset classes, but prefer equities, fx, and currencies. $1mm-5mm















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Positions Currently Available


Trading Application Support Analyst - NY, NY


Perform morning checks, monitoring, day to day level 2 support as part of production support. Maintain and develop tools to assist with production support. Work with Equity, Futures, and Options exchanges on new connectivity and mandated changes. Responsible for constant contact with the business unit and must act as a liaison between the business and development groups.


Technical skills
1.       Strong UNIX command line skills
a.       Need to understand grep, awk, sed etc
b.      Comfortable with shell scripting
2.       Good Perl scripting skills.
3.       Proven record of automation.
4.       Strong understanding of low latency trading systems
5.       Strong understanding of redundant, high availability design concepts as pertaining to equity trading systems.
6.       Good understanding of Tibco/EMS  and other transport systems
Business exposure desired
1.       Strong equity trade support experience
2.       Intimate understanding of Algo trading systems.
a.       Should be able to explain in great detail VWAP/POV strategies at the least
b.      Understand passive Vs aggressive orders and the reasons for using the same
c.       Should be able to articulate the difference between Lit Dark and Gray liquidity.
3.       Strong understanding of Crossing systems
a.       Should be able to explain midpoint liquidity, price improvement, make Vs take.
4.       Excellent understanding of Equity trading regulation (below two at the minimum)
a.       Explain RegNMS
                                                               i.      ISO
                                                             ii.      NBBO
                                                            iii.      Trade through exceptions
b.      Reg sho

Technical skills

  • Strong UNIX command line skills
  • Good Perl scripting skills.
  • Proven record of automation.
  • Strong understanding of redundant, high availability design concepts as pertaining to equity trading systems.
  • Good understanding of Tibco/EMS  and other transport systems

Business exposure desired

1.       Strong equity trade support experience.

2.       Intimate understanding of Algo trading systems.

3.       Strong understanding of Crossing systems

4.       Excellent understanding of Equity trading regulation (below two at the minimum)


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