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Quantitative Analyst (C++ a Must)

Quantitative Trading firm seeks a Quantitative Analyst that will work on different mathematical, programming and analytical skills in performing data analysis, mathematical research and quantitative model implementation.

The primary purpose for the position is to assist senior quantitative traders in implementing a variety of projects.


Position requirements include a degree in mathematics, physics, and engineering or a related field, strong C++ programming experience is a must have. Finance experience is not necessary though a strong plus, but proven excellence in math and good programming skills are essential. This position requires a highly self-motivated and detail-oriented candidate able to work closely with and communicate effectively with senior quants and developers. This is a multi-platform environment, using both Linux and Windows, so a high comfort level working in both is very desirable, including command line skills, debugging experience using Visual Studio or gdb. Other desirable skills include experience with SQL, python and Excel, and knowledge of options/derivatives and options pricing models.


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